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Below is some of the information that we need to get an accurate quote for you:

-- Style # and material of jersey you require
-- Quantity needed
-- The method of cresting you require (ie: printed on twill, direct print, etc.)
-- The format that your logo is in (ie: jpg, gif, Illustrator, CorelDraw, etc.)
-- Attach a small version of the logo if possible
-- Type of numbers (ie: sewn-on twill, transfer film)
-- One-colour numbers? Two-colour numbers?
-- Need sleeve numbers?
-- Do you need player names?
-- Can you open an Excel file?
-- Zip code or Postal Code for accurate shipping quote.
-- How did you hear about us? (ie: google search, etc.)

We can design quotes for all budgets. Please provide us with as much information
as possible so that we can quickly send the most accurate quote.

Email to:   info@quadrasportswear.com


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